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Intervista a Julia

Messaggio  Admin il Mar Feb 26, 2008 4:12 pm

Julia 's way!
Julia Alexandratou

There Star Greece dropped out but everyone involved in it. Much has been said about misbehavior in the face, but those who are familiar with other belief. Ultimately, what is Julia Alexandratou?

What has changed in your life from the evening of a beauty so far?
There is a tremendous amount. Have they changed for the better professional me. I accept blizzard of proposals for business, and I am absolutely delighted.

The on air traffic by Costas Sommer to (mis) judge their behavior you think you robbed title?
With Prime Minister Costas we have talked about and we have got to the point to laugh with the things that have happened, but I think that ultimately it is the only one not to have tarnished! He had his opinion and I respect it. The whole world heard that the outcome changed at the last minute. There things which I would not like to mention.

How reacted people in the field in which cooperates with everything that has happened?
Let me talk about the world in general, who reacted sharply to a more than me. I, now, I am happy with my title (SS: Star substitute GRE), because it is honorary. I would say a lie if not concede that stenochorithika that night on the turn which took things, but continuity vindicated. In fact, for the second time took part in a beauty contest - the first had come out Miss Yang-, in order to make myself known to the public in order to manage to go to television. I do not believe the montelingk job, and I want to do something more substantial.

What type of programme will focus its interest?
I am interested in the musical shows. I studied music, I have done years voice ... Singing is my passion, but because I can to Greece to see it as a business, you will want to deal with it by the backdoor ... Through television.

To understand what program - from the existing around - it is in your philosophy?
I have gone through ontision to Become M EGA litsa to broadcast Subject Georganda. From this process we have selected ten girls and are waiting to learn which of us all will become the permanent symparousiastria sided with the Themis for the next season.

He passed to your mind to statements participate in a talent show, as the «Fame story» or «Dream show»;
Not I like these kind of games. In my thinking that each step will be recorded by the cameras and that I will not have freedom of movement crazy! I agree, however, that there are few options to crack the discography and not criticize those who choose to do so.

His extensive publicity of recent weeks - positive and negative-in has upset?
At this stage of my life I would often say that if no help or publicity. Moreover, those who know me know that I am not grudging. The evening of a beauty agchose perhaps with the fact that the world was assured that I would receive the first title I in trying to show my good self achieve the opposite. On the other hand, Hair of the trichia make ... In my everyday life I am not the case. I am calm and benign.

So what exactly have we not learned about you all these days?
Living me is more than simple. I live with my parents, but soon to relocate. Indeed, I find two houses believed to be, but failed to give timely advance and now regrets. From modest want to deal with the television, I eat anything in junky food, not cooking but I like to wash and has a bigger sister, which has nothing to do with the space of montelingk. Before, I was the athletic type, I was playing tennis, basketball, I took dance. But now in my spare time I Going for coffee or cinema. I do not like bouzouki, not ever go. I would say that the night my bubbly something very bad.

Maybe that's why not thelises can deal with the song?
One reason was he was with. On the other hand, I have more artistic music and adore the foreign music. After all, my mother is British and I lived quite long periods in England.

lo so in inglese non ci capirete un tubo ma non trovo il traduttore adatto Very Happy


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